Welcome Students, Parents and People seeking a Career in the Industry!

The Building and Construction industry in Tasmania provides more than one in ten of the state‚Äôs full time jobs.  Those jobs spread along a fantastic career training pathway that spans a diverse range of trade, para-professional and professional roles. 

You have the opportunity to be an employee, a contractor or a business owner in your own right. The information we provide focuses on the key entry points and provides information about a number of careers. We encourage you to read the description of various trades, watch the entertaining videos exploring the experience of working in those trades, and consider testimonials from actual Tasmanian apprentices who made the decision to build a career in construction.

Teachers and Parents

Keystone Tasmania produces a Subject Choice Guide which provides comprehensive advice on matching subjects and vocational training to prepare for a career in the industry.  

What do employers in the building and construction industry look for in new employees?


  • Good marks in Maths and English
  • Construction-related subjects at school or enrol in pre-employment courses
  • Initiative - make contact with local companies and ask if you can do work experience with them
  • A positive attitude.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Reliability

You will find apprenticeship opportunities advertised online, through social media, and possibly via your school. Remember that not all jobs are advertised, so it's always an option to go straight to the source - make contact with construction companies and ask if they are recruiting.