Keystone Tasmania and MEGT have joined forces to deliver LAPP Stage 2 with the aim of placing 20 job seekers in trade-based apprenticeships in the Greater Launceston Area. If you can assist we can make available an $11,000 package over and above any other State and Federal Government-based incentives.

The Program

Keystone Tasmania is offering incentive funding to building and construction practitioners in the Greater Launceston area for placement of twenty (20) jobseekers in trade-based apprenticeships. The LAPP Jobseeker program is in support of the Launceston City Deal and has been made possible by Training Levy from the UTAS Inveresk Campus Development. The program is administered by MEGT.      


This program is available to businesses and sole traders whose principle activity is on-site building and construction work. Apprenticeship candidates are to be drawn from a pool of jobseekers undertaking LAPP pre-vocational training.    


On commencement of the apprenticeship Keystone will pay to the employer $6,000+GST with a further $2,000 after 12 months and $3,000 on completion.

If you can assist or would like further information, please call Lisa Lucas at MEGT on 136 963 or 0477 601 907.