Keystone Tasmania Project Funding

Keystone Tasmania allocates project and program funding based on industry and stakeholder advice and current strategic priorities.

How much funding is available?

Our project funding is allocated based on strategic priority areas and informed by industry consultation. Typical allocations range from $40,000 for the development of new training courses in priority areas, to $250,000 p.a. for major workforce development projects up to 4 years in duration.

Who is eligible for this funding?

Project funding is available for entities contributing to building and construction training and workforce development including Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Not For Profits and private sector organisations with a track record of delivering high quality outcomes.

To be eligible, you/ your organisations must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be one of the following:

  • an entity, incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated not for profit
Are all sectors of the industry supported?

Yes, applications are invited for projects and programs in all sectors of the building and construction industry - civil, commercial and residential.

In 2021, the Board of Keystone Tasmania identified the civil sector as a priority area for funding and workforce development support. 

Are joint/ partnership applications accepted?

Joint applications are welcome and encouraged, but are not a prerequisite for funding.

Joint applicants will be required to identify a 'project lead' with overall project responsibility.

How often is funding made available?

Keystone Tasmania will open calls for Expressions of Interest each July. A public advertisement will be issued, as well as direct communication to key stakeholder organisations and those on our subscription maling list. To register for our mailing list, please send a request to 

How do I apply for funding outside the EOI cycle?

We understand that potential projects may arise outside the formal EOI process, and we aim to be flexible in the delivery of our funding support. Requests for funding outside this process should first be canvassed with the contact people nominated below (see 'Need Help?') before a submission is made via the Keystone Funded Projects EOI Application and sent to

What projects or programs are supported?

Keystone Tasmania supports the delivery of high quality training and workforce development in the Tasmanian building and construction industry by providing funding for projects of various sizes across a range of strategic priority areas. Our goal is to ensure that the Tasmanian community has a sustainable, highly-skilled, innovative, safe and healthy building and construction workforce. 

Funding is allocated to projects in areas identified through industry consultation, advice from key stakeholder organisations, and the Keystone Board's strategic plan. We support projects that:

  • Promote quality pathways to employment by initiating and supporting programs that create sustainable employment opportunities in the Tasmanian construction industry
  • Support those in employment to develop their skills, obtain industry accreditation and pursue career opportunities by funding high-quality training and professional development programs.
  • Champion industry-wide initiatives that promote diversity, innovation and advancement in all areas through research, promotion and stakeholder engagement.
What is the application and assessment timeline?

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Where can I find information about industry needs?

Keystone has developed a labour market modelling tool that can provide useful information about future skill needs in the Tasmanian building and construction industry. Follow this link to sign up for access to SOFIA (Statistical Optimisation for Industry Advancement).

What are the assessment criteria for applications?

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria. Please refer to 'Key Documents' for more detail:

  • The proposal aligns with Keystone’s Strategic Plan
  • There is evidence that the proposed outcomes meet an identified industry need
  • Any outputs are well documented and the proposal's timeframe is realistic
  • The project displays innovation in content and/or delivery
  • The project attracts, retains, or develops the skills of a diverse range of people 
  • Project staff have appropriate high-level skills and experience
  • A comprehensive budget and payments schedule is included
  • Appropriate governance and reporting arrangements are detailed
Projects in multiple areas

 If you are seeking support for a project with broad impact (e.g. a pre-vocational program with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion), please note this on your application and use multiple project codes. 

 How do I apply?

To apply, please complete the EOI Application form Keystone Funded Projects EOI Application and send to: before the closing date.

If you are successful in the initial EOI process you will be invited to provide a more detailed proposal using the Keystone Project Funding Application Form.

 Need Help?

The annual EOI process is supported by online information sessions and individual applicant support as required. Please ensure you are registered on our mailing list to receive important project funding information.

To register for our mailing list, please send a request to 

Contact us for help with your application or to find out more:

Pathways and Innovation Projects: Shane Hayes (E) (M) 0499 883 160

Capacity Building and Diversity Projects Anna Carew (E) (M) 0411 894 997