Heritage Case Studies

Tasmania has an extraordinary number of built heritage sites all of which require specialist skills and knowledge to maintain and preserve.

It is Keystone's intention to showcase these skills through the production of case studies that will be both a practical resource and inspiration fo further training. 

We extend our thanks to the practitioners who gave their time to this series, and to project facilitator Andrew Jones.

Each case study consists of a video and a fact sheet that you may download from the website. 

Heritage Skills Fund

This program encourages the provision of training to transfer knowledge and skills from experts, or experienced practitioners, to the people working in the building and construction industry who maintain Tasmania's built heritage estate.

It provides assistance to the coordinator for events in meeting rooms, onsite locations or other venues where people in building and construction can learn about materials, techniques or strategies to repair, conserve, renovate or maintain heritage buildings.

Heritage buildings may include any structure from the convict, colonial or Federation period.

The short form application can be used for grant applications up to $2,000. The grant can cover reasonable expenses including a management fee for the coordinator. Payment will ordinarily be made on receipt of a completion report, including evaluations from participants. Assistance with upfront costs will be considered on a case by case basis.

A minimum of three eligible industry participants must be enrolled for funding assistance to be granted. 

Click HERE to download the Heritage Skills Transfer Form.