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The Building Better Work Habits training course has been developed for everyone in your organisation who may struggle with their own personal effectiveness. They may not have control of their own workload or blame others as to why they’re not achieving certain tasks and projects. Alternatively, it might be that high performers want to understand how they can organise themselves in a new way to give themselves more stretch in their roles.

This training course will help the learners build self-awareness and will highlight the important parts of working smarter to achieve end goals.

At the end of this Building Better Work Habits Training Course, your participants will be able to: • Identify what being productive really means, and explore some of the science behind productivity myths • Understand why we procrastinate, and find new ways to banish this from our working day • Identify what big tasks we keep “putting off” and ensure we are clear about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it • Explore how we prioritise our day, balancing our own workload with company performance priorities • Challenge our mindsets – how open are we to growth or are we fixed in our views on how to achieve our goals?

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand that urgent and important tasks aren’t always the same thing
2. Get the big tasks done first in their workday before getting swallowed up in admin and phone calls
3. Manage their mindset; being willing and open to learn and put the effort in
4. Keep focused on the task in hand and not working in a scatter gun approach
5. Have clarity of their goals and what they want to achieve
6. Limit procrastination to work smarter

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Training Provider

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Who to contact

Karina Stojansek
03 6334 4910


Level 3/110 Collins Street Hobart, TAS 7000

Who is this for?

Business Owners, Manager, Project Managers, Director, Tradesman, Trades People, Administration, Accounts Payroll, Electrician, Receptionist, Builder, Plumber.

Course Date

Jun 21st at 12:00 AM


Withdrawals Closed

This course is also available subject to customer demand.

Contact the training provider for more information.


7 hours per attendee

Minimum Attendees


About the Training Provider

NDA Computing Pty Ltd

NDA services include computer training, management training, traineeships and qualifications, group training and training room hire. The company has training centres in Hobart, Launceston, and Devonport. NDA is 100% Tasmanian-owned and was established in 1985.

The services provided by NDA include:

Computer training - desktop, web, systems, programming and accounting software. Management training.

Traineeships and qualifications in business, business administration, human resources, training and assessment, frontline management, IT and project management.

Group training - the supply of NDA trainees who work in your organisation.

Training needs analysis.

Project management of training roll-outs.

Customised training.

Walkabout trainer.

Courseware development and technical writing.

Training room hire.


NDA is accredited by the ASQA as a Registered Training Organisation.

NDA is accredited by Skills Tasmania as a Group Training Organisation.

State-wide locations

NDA operates from training centres in Hobart, Launceston, and Devonport.

Contact the Training Provider

Karina Stojansek
03 6334 4910


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