• Keystone Management specializes in the design, development and implementation of lasting solutions to key business problems. Keystone provides planning for digital solutions, efficient work practice design, and proof of concepts using advanced digital technologies to help our clients improve operations and technology effectiveness. Keystone's principal consultant, Greg Twemlow, is a consulting industry veteran, having held senior leadership positions in the industries Keystone serves.

  • Doubt drives UX outcomes - Greg Twemlow


    We have to break the habit of rushing into solution-mode...Creative tension starts with research. “Supposing is good, finding out is better” — so said the patron Saint of UX, Mark Twain. The topic touches on the importance of being comfortable with not knowing the answer to a problem until we've explored and understood for the client:

    • What are your business needs, pains and objectives?
    • Who is experiencing the problem?
    • How are they experiencing this problem? and
    • What's the context in which they're experiencing the problem?

  • Process of discovery - Greg Twemlow


    If we design solutions based solely on past experience, it's a lazy approach and borderline immoral. We're very likely to use old learnings from former projects for previous clients without understanding the business problems of our client and in turn their customers issues. Symptoms can be misleading. To develop lasting solutions, the process of design must start with the intention of finding out the correct answer to the correct problem.

  • Greg Twemlow

    Every CEO Needs Objective Fresh Ideas

    My philosophy:-

    Each situation (and company) is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that your competitors can't. That's what I deliver to you.


    My commitment to results:-

    When I work with you, I roll up my sleeves and become your business partner. My success is measured by the success of your company. That's why I invest whatever resources are needed to get and keep your business on the right track.


    My experience:-

    There is no real substitute for good old fashioned experience. I have been fortunate to learn from some of the best executives in Australia, the UK and the USA. I have also been involved in some of the most challenging and exciting business ventures in numerous countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, China, Taiwan, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India and Romania.

    Greg Twemlow

    Every CEO Needs Objective Fresh Ideas

    In business, simplicity is the key to almost everything, no matter what industry or position you’re in. Keeping things reduced to the minimum viable product, whether that’s an actual product or something intangible like an idea or strategy, is essential to maintain focus and communicate effectively to stakeholders and observers. That means coming up with a concise plan you can easily convey to early adopters or coming up with a tight marketing strategy to bring to your team.

    If you are part of an Accelerator or Incubator you will very likely be following a rigorous and formalized LEAN program along with many Mentor advice sessions. And there is a fair chance that you are spending so much time studying all this LEAN Methodology content that you find yourself going slightly crazy and not making the kind of progress with your venture that you need to.

    The LEAN Hacking™ Minimum Viable Canvas© (MVC) and 1 day workshop have been developed for early-stage Startups and enterprise Startups. The MVC is designed to be easy to understand and complete and is minimal by design, focusing on the most critical elements of idea and market validation. The 1 day workshop is perfect for teams that need to quickly understand how they can ideate, validate, devise and sell their concepts.

    The Minimum Viable Canvas© was not designed for a mature business that needs to reimagine an existing business model. Tools like the Business Model Canvas are better suited for that task.


    Download the Canvas and the Instructions


    "LEAN Hacking" is a registered Trademark of Greg Twemlow & Co.


  • About Greg Twemlow

    About Greg Twemlow

    Greg Twemlow is CEO of Keystone, a Strategic Advisor and a Leading Expert on LEAN Startup for New Ventures and Enterprises


    I combine technical depth with business savvy & creative flair and an ability to think analytically. Use me for your most challenging and complex projects where you simply have to have the desired outcome without delays or cost blowouts. Yours could be a greenfield project or one that has stalled, I am the person who will take charge so you can focus on your business. I have worked internationally for more than 25 years and maintain a powerful business network. Whether you are bootstrapping a new venture, revitalizing an existing company or working on an exit strategy, you need at least a sounding board and more usually you need wisdom, experience and business smarts. Advise, consult, strategize, devise, implement, manage, mentor - that's my niche and what I do everyday.

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